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Writing a good CV

It is widely accepted fact that among the many key components of the process of getting into an organization of your choice, your CV is the first and the most important step. An excellent and well-prepared CV can get you an interview call from your dream organization for a dream role. So, here are some tips to prepare an effective CV: -

  1. CV should be a 1-page document containing all the credible information therein.
  2. CV should be prepared in a reverse chronological order i.e. latest details should come first in the order
  3. CV should clearly depict transferrable skills from your last role in a PSU organization to the role you are looking for in the private organization.
  4. As much as possible, technical jargons should be avoided in the CV as very rarely recruiters would be able to comprehend that technical information. Generally, people from PSU background have a lot of technical expertise but mentioning that in core technical language will be hazardous.
  5. CV should be written in such a way that your MBA skills should be primarily focussed and there should be a quantifiable output (in MBA terminologies) for each and every project mentioned therein.
  6. Always try to mention examples which depicts your Leadership skills in projects which you delivered successfully with excellent results. This will have an ever-lasting impact on the recruiter.
  7. While mentioning about extra-curricular activities or academic projects or internships, instead of just writing about what you did, try to explain the impact you brought in the whole process and how you improved that for the betterment.

If above mentioned rules / guidelines are followed, one will be able to create a CV that will increase one’s chances of getting an interview call manifold.

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