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Pre-MBA Plans

Unlimited Mentoring Hours, No limits on iterations of SOP, Essay etc, Two member Panel Interview - Successful Admission of candidate is our prime motto

Service Details Price Plan Code
Pre MBA Transition counselling

One stop counselling for all your doubts - How will be your journey after leaving public sector? Which colleges to target? How to study? You receive exclusive session with a mentor

Rs 2999/-


MBA admission  interviews

For each interview session, we schedule a 40 minute mock interview and 20 minute personal feedback. We provide two member panel interview experience

Number of interviews Price Plan Code
1Rs 2999/-A21
2Rs 4999/-A22
3Rs 6999/-A23
4Rs 7999/-A24

Starts at Rs 2999/-

A21 to A24

Comprehensive plan - application to interview



We provide complete admission help package that includes understanding you, finding out your strengths, helping you provide all guidance in admission process including SOP, Essays, interviews etc. The price varies on the number of colleges you opt for help.

Number of colleges Price Plan Code
1Rs 14999/-B1
2Rs 24999/-B2
3Rs 34999/-B3
4Rs 39999/-B4
5Rs 44999/-B5

Starts at Rs 14999/-

B1 to B5

Last Minute Plans

PlanDetailsPricePlan Code
SOP DiscussionA two hour discussion on SOP points, its content and storyRs 4999/-L1
Essay DiscussionAn hour discussion on Essay points, its content and effectivenessRs 2499/-L2
CV DiscussionAn hour discussion on CV, its content and alignmentRs 2499/-L3

Job readiness Plans

Service Details Price Plan Code
Job Search Mentoring

Which companies to target? Which roles are best for me? Which sector will be perfect for me? You will receive exclusive session with a mentor where we will address all your concerns

Rs 2999/-


Panel mock interviewWe schedule a 40 minute mock interview and 20 minute personal feedback on the industry/role of your choice with a panel of 2 members

Rs 2999/-


Comprehensive plan - Resume to Interview


We provide complete job readiness package that includes understanding your unique value proposition, finding out best roles/industries, helping you with  guidance in resume preparation and arranging two mock interviews per role. The price varies on the number of industry/role you opt for help.

Number of roles Price Plan Code
1Rs 7999/-D1
2Rs 11999/-D2
3Rs 14999/-D3

Starts at Rs 7999/-

D1 to D3

Placement Brochure Profile BuildingThe profile snapshot in the placement brochure which is sent to various recruiters is the most important document that defines your job search and success. We guide you in creating a distinctly magnetic snapshot that forms basis of your whole job searchRs 1999/-E1

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