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Why MBA applications get rejected?

For any candidate, the most frustrating and demoralising part of the application process is its rejection. As a candidate, you work extremely hard for years to be able to reach at the stage of application process. And if somehow, it gets rejected, you have to wait one whole year to reapply in the co…

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How To Write Essay

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Business school essays are the ‘deal maker’ or ‘deal breaker’ for applicants. Based on the story that you project, an admissions officer, who has never met you before, can either accept your candidature or reject your application and shatter y…

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How To Write a SOP

The Statement of Purpose (SOP henceforth), is one of the most important documents that you will have to create for you MBA admission journey. The admissions team at top B schools come across many similar profiles like yours and it becomes very hard for them to decide who to call for an interview…

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