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96% Result for the last four years

Almost all candidates of the comprehensive package have got B-school admits for consecutive four years now

Successful Candidates 2024 Intake Batch


Past Organisation GMAT/GRE Score College Admits
Govt of India325IIMA
Dept of Atomic Energy680IIMB
Govt of India710IIMC
Coal India680IIMB
United India Insurance660IIMC

Successful Candidates 2023 Intake Batch


Past Organisation GMAT/GRE Score College Admits
Gujarat State Electricity690IIMC, IIML, IIMI
Govt of India770ISB, IIMC
Govt of India750ISB, IIMC
General Insurance700IIMA
NLC India760ISB
Indian Navy650IIML, IIMI

Successful Candidates 2022 Intake Batch


Past Organisation GMAT Score College Admits
Indian Railway690ISB
Ordnance Factory710ISB
Tripura Gramin Bank650IIML, IIMI


Successful Candidates 2021 Intake Batch


Past Organisation GMAT Score College Admits
Indian Railway760ISB, IIMA, IIMC
Govt of Punjab670ISB, IIMC
Govt of India690IIMA, ISB
Oriental Insurance710ISB, IIMA
Bank of Baroda680ISB, IIML
Coal India740London Business School


*As a principle, we never share the Personal Details of our candidates without their consent. The candidates who have consented to provide their testimonials and name are provided here.

Candidates' Testimonials

In a highly commercialised and templated world of MBA applications, if you're looking for a mentor who can be a guiding light through out your entire, unique journey, PSUTOPRIVATE is the way to go! Unlimited number of one to one sessions with Abhinav and mock interviews with the college specific alums who have been there and done that, helped me push beyond my limits with a perfect mix of inspiration and reality checks along the way.

Pawan Gupta (IIMB-2024, HPCL)

Would highly recommend P2P to anyone who is unsure about how to approach and prepare for the admission journey. Admission to any top B-school is not just about fancy story or very high GMAT score. It's about projecting who you are, what you bring to the table and how MBA will benefit you & the classroom. Abhinav helped me find the answers to all these questions and guided beyond that too. Also the mock interview taken were really helpful.

Suvajit Chandra (IIMC-2024, United India Insurance)

Abhinav's guidance is unparalleled. He analyzes SOP from all angles and provides valuable feedback, setting PSUTOPRIVATE apart. Additionally, the mock interviews and suggestions given are excellent. Their focus on outcomes rather than time is particularly noteworthy. I highly recommend their services for the best results.

Himanshu Tomar (IIMB-2024, Coal India)

I enrolled for IIMA Extempore round. Feedback given by Abhinav was very helpful. Although I could not convert into IIMA but got into IIMB. The discussion with Abhinav was really fruitful.

Anonymous (IIMB-2024)

Fantastic experience! Being from the public sector, oftentimes it becomes difficult to showcase your profile, quantify your achievements and understand your roles. Through their package, you are guided into getting a better understanding of yourself and your work which in turn helps you complete your tasks - both essays and interviews. However, please remember that this will help you only if you are ready to help yourself. No-one is going to do your work for you. You complete the tasks, meet the deadlines and take your admissions seriously. Then and only then can this help you. This is definitely not for people looking to outsource their admissions process. I feel much more confident about my profile than I was earlier and I believe this will help me in the future also. Thanks to Abhinav for being with me through this journey. Highly appreciate the professionalism and the punctuality which led to me finishing the preparation on time. Shout-out to the mock interview panel for the pressure test which led to me keeping my cool during the final interview. Overall, highly recommended!

Shino Shibu (ISB-2023, NLC)

Abhinav's guidance and feedback through out the process was very helpful. What I felt the USP of PSUTOPRIVATE is personal connect and I wish they retain the same in the coming years.

Siddharth Rathi (IIMC-2023, IOCL)

I sit with offers from 2 of my target programs as I write this review. It surely wouldn't have been possible without the guidance from P2P team and specially Abhinav's mentorship. when I approached P2P I was a bit clueless and was chasing strict round 2 deadlines but Abhinav responded very swiftly and was ready with the plan of action within a couple of hours. He lets you be expressive and dedicates ample time for each and every query. The thing that I liked the most was his discipline and dedication to help one succeed. I am sure these qualities have had a positive impact on my personality and have made me more confident and sincere. Even the Mock interviews are so designed that one goes through every possible scenario that might occur during an interview and keeps you grounded. I suggest every candidate to go for the comprehensive plan as it gives ample opportunity for the mentors to bring your skills to the fore. Cheers for the great start and hoping for a continued relationship.

Himanshu Yadav (IIML, IIMI-2023, SAIL)

I reached out to PSUTOPRIVATE after giving my GMAT. I was targeting ISB and there were 2 weeks left for the essay submission. I knew I need someone's help to prepare essays in such short period of time. That's where PSUTOPRIVATE helped me. With their support, I realised which areas matter the most and what should be the correct essay structure. I was then able to confidently submit the essays. After essays, I got full support for the interview preparation. One on one sessions were organised to identify the strong and weak areas. Mock interview rounds were also very helpful. I was then able to finally get an admission call from my target college. It was a great experience getting mentored from them.

Mudit Garg (ISB, IIMC-2023, BPCL)

I would like PSUTOPRIVATE to retain the core values and maybe find ways to penetrate :) 

Rajesh Podduturi (IIMA, IIML-2022, IOCL)

I would like to thank Abhinav and PSUTOPRIVATE. With a low GMAT score I was not sure of applying for this year but with the guidance of Abhinav and the multiple brainstorming sessions between us, i gained confidence in understanding that I am much more than my GMAT score and if I can present myself well, i will secure an admit for sure. I specially thank Abhinav for drafting the application so well that I had received a interview shortlist in almost every college that I had applied, even though I had a low GMAT. The feedback that i received after every interview is very specific and helped me immensely to work upon my weaker areas. To much of my delight I had secured an admit into IIM C, which is one of my dream colleges. I thank again the entire team of PSUTOPRIVATE for instilling the confidence in me to aim high and to push my limits. Finally kudos to the entire team again and keep doing the extraordinary quality work that you guys are doing. Thank you team PSUTOPRIVATE.

P Shiva Prasad (IIMC, IIML-2022, PNB)

I am very much satisfied with the consultancy abhinav provided. He helped me not only with my application but also in personal front. He was always available to help and has a very calm nature. He also told me where to focus afterwards once getting into college and guided me in choosing the right direction.

Anonymous (IIMI-2022, CAG)

I could always count on my mentor Abhinav to respond to even the smallest of my questions with a simple call or message. It takes a lot of patience and resilience on the part of a mentor to make an effort like this. The team's greatest strength is profile structuring. From where I started with PSU to where I am now, I think I have come a long way in realizing my true self. This has helped me frame my essays and ace my interviews. My preparation with Abhinav was well organized and I was prepared for each step ahead. However, I cannot help feeling the interview preparation part could have been improved upon and I wish I had more practice or a beforehand in-depth analysis for that part.
Overall, it is a great effort on behalf of the team, and I am greatly pleased to work with you guys.

Ankit Jain (ISB-2022, Indian Ordinance Factory)