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Why your Profile Snapshot is important?

The profile snapshot plays a very important role as far as recruitments are concerned. It provides the recruiter with a preview of the candidates. The recruiter can get a glimpse of the background and career progression of the prospective hire. If the recruiter has vacancies for positions to fill, they usually have a type of candidate in mind and look for candidates with the relevant experiences or qualities.

Consider the example of an e-commerce company planning on hiring a warehouse manager. Typically, the recruiter might look for candidates with people management skills and hands on experience of managing large teams of blue-collar workers at an industrial scale. Candidates from operations backgrounds from core industries where they have handled blue collar workers are a good prospective match for the recruiter. The profile snapshot of a candidate from a similar background looking to target the ecommerce industry can highlight such relevant skills to appear as a prospective hire.

Thus, it is important to highlight the relevant skills that recruiters are looking for and the also highlight skills according to the industry the candidate is targeting. One should research the job descriptions that are listed by companies to get an idea of what skills recruiters are looking for in candidates and try to relate their work experiences with the relevant skills. The sentences in the snapshot should be brief and to the point, focusing on bringing out the skill the candidate is trying to highlight. It is a good practice to try and make points using examples of relevant experiences, projects handled and achievements made in previous job roles. Representing benefits or achievements made in the past using numbers emphasizes the points strongly and one should try to use such metrics where possible.

In conclusion, the snapshot should be of interest to the recruiter from the industry the candidate is targeting. This is the one opportunity candidates have of drawing the recruiter’s attention to themselves and they should not take this opportunity lightly.

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