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Placement Figures for 1-year MBA

College 1 yr MBA Average CTC* Median CTC* Highest CTC* Year
IIM APGPX32.430.082.02021
IIM BEPGP26.126.0--2021
IIM CMBAEx28.726.087.32021
IIM LIPMX24.724.0--2022
Great LakesPGPM13.6--28.62020

* Annual Figures in Rs Lakhs (excluding people who remain unplaced)    -- Data not available in public

GMAT Score and Fee Details

College Prog Fee* Min GMAT Avg GMAT Max GMAT Year
IIMA PGPX32.00--713--2022-23
IIMB EPGP27.506206977702022-23
ISB PGP39.986107137802021-22
IIMC MBAEx31.00--6977802022-23
IIML IPMX23.80------2020-21
IIMI EPGP24.00--6507602020-21
IIMK PGPBL26.50------2021-22
XLRI GMP21.70--690--2019-20
SPJIMR PGPM19.90------2020-21
GL PGPM19.25600----2019-20

* Fee in Rs lakh, foreign immersion fee of Rs 4 lac added to colleges where it was not included in original fee to bring a parity in comparison.

-- Data has not been disclosed by colleges in Public

College Admission snapshot

Program Seats Round 1 Dates Round 2 Dates Submission Required Interview Day Details
IIMA PGPX140May last to Aug lastAug last to Oct lastCV, EssaysInterview, Extempore
IIMB EPGP75June start to Aug lastSep start to Nov lastCV, SOP, ReferenceInterview, WAT
ISB PGP930Ends Sep midEnds Dec startCV, Essays, ReferenceInterview
IIMC MBAEx78June start to Sep midSep mid to Nov midCV, SOP, ReferenceInterview
IIML IPMX109Ends Nov midEnds Jan midCV, ReferenceInterview, WAT
IIMI EPGP57Sep start to Dec Mid--CVInterview
XLRI GMP114Ends Dec last--CVInterview
SPJIMR PGPM130RollingRollingCVCase Study, GD, 2 interviews
GL PGPM50Ends Nov endEnds Jan endCV, Essay, ReferenceInterview, WAT

These dates and figures vary every year

WAT is Writing Ability Test

College Admission DATES 2023 Intake

Program Seats Round 1 Dates Round 2 Dates Round 3 Dates
IIMA PGPX140Aug 22Oct 28Dec 12
IIMB EPGP75Aug 22Oct 10Dec 02
ISB PGP930Sep 04Nov 27Not Declared
IIMC MBAEx78Aug 22Oct 16Nov 30
IIML IPMX109Nov 15Jan 15NA
IIMK PGPBL60Jun 30Aug 31Nov 20
IIMU GSCM37Oct 06Nov 21Jan 12
SPJIMR PGPM130By Aug 31RollingRolling
GL PGPM50Nov 21Not DeclaredNot Declared


You are not Alone!

There are numerous examples of PSU/Govt professionals who have left their secure jobs and taken a jump of faith to pursue their dreams. And they are cruising high.

Read about them here. Take your own plunge, we will provide you the wings!!

GMAT Scores & fees :foreign university

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Foreign University Information

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PSU/Govt professionals in MBA class

It is estimated that around 20% students in MBA cohort belong to PSU or Government background. This is a huge number. So there's nothing to hesitate if you are confident.

If these students are doing it, then why cant you?

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