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Will PSUs be Privatised?

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on the 17th of May, 2020 announced that the Government plans to reduce the role of the public sector companies across the economy. Barring a few strategic sectors where the Government may own up to a maximum of four PSUs, it shall privatize PSUs in all other s…

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Impact of COVID on MBA

Let us try to analyse the impact COVID-19 is having on the MBA ecosystem. If you are an MBA aspirant or a current MBA grad, you may find the article of interest.

We will try to segregate the analysis into three parts (you can jump to the section which is relevant for you by clicking on the links)

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How To Write Essay

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Business school essays are the ‘deal maker’ or ‘deal breaker’ for applicants. Based on the story that you project, an admissions officer, who has never met you before, can either accept your candidature or reject your application and shatter y…

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Placement Brochure Profile

Why your Profile Snapshot is important?

The profile snapshot plays a very important role as far as recruitments are concerned. It provides the recruiter with a preview of the candidates. The recruiter can get a glimpse of the background and career progression of the prospective hire. If the recru…

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Writing a good CV

It is widely accepted fact that among the many key components of the process of getting into an organization of your choice, your CV is the first and the most important step. An excellent and well-prepared CV can get you an interview call from your dream organization for a dream role. So, here are s…

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Placement Preparation

If you are a student in a one-year MBA program at any of the Business Schools, then you have signed yourself up for a program where you are going to spend one of the most hectic years of your life. Though the one-year MBA is a boost to your career, it is extremely fast-paced and highly demanding.

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How To Write a SOP

The Statement of Purpose (SOP henceforth), is one of the most important documents that you will have to create for you MBA admission journey. The admissions team at top B schools come across many similar profiles like yours and it becomes very hard for them to decide who to call for an interview…

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