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Round 1 vs Round 2 Applications: Myths Busted

There are a lot of apprehensions among the candidates about the differences between round 1 and round 2 application. They are particularly concerned to know whether their chances of admission are anyway related to the round in which they wish to apply.

Let us remove this confusion in a very clear term –


Since there are no differences in terms of admission chances, the reason behind similarity can not be produced. So, lets rather concentrate on busting the myths of differences that admission consulting has churned up over the years.


Facts and logical explanation

Round 1 vs Round 2 Intake split – Higher number of people are selected in round 1

Fact: There is no official data on any college website to prove that.

Logical Explanation: Suppose you have 2 bays in a clothing store and you want to buy 10 clothes. Will you choose 7 clothes from bay 1 even without looking at bay 2? Of course, NO when you can keep clothes from bay 1 in watchlist and later decide after looking at bay 2. Same applies to admissions committee, they can keep candidates on longer wait list and decide after going through round 2 candidates.

More demand in Round 2 – Greater number of people apply in round 2 and you have to compete with round 1 waitlisted candidates also

Fact: Again, there is no official data on any college website to prove that.

Logical explanation: Seriously, does it even deserve an explanation!? You have to compete with everyone irrespective of the round. With waitlist, does it matter which round are you applying? Let’s assume for a moment that number of applicants are indeed higher in round 2. Then the admissions committees must be aware of this fact. Accordingly, they will adjust their hiring to keep more seats for final judgement after round 2. Admissions committee consists of fairly intelligent people, why will they select more people from round 1 being fully aware that number of applicants will be higher in round 2 (ie if it is true)


Clones vs Diversity – It is said that in order to maintain diversity and exclude people from same background getting selected, round 1 is better bet. Because if your “type” is already selected in round 1, you won’t be considered.

Fact: Look at any college program website and browse through students’ profile. You may or may not be able to find more than one student from even the niche profiles in same batch.

Logical explanation: The team is looking for talent. Diversity and your ‘type’ may be a factor but it is secondary to your talent and you can showcase your talent in any round. But if your profile is too unique, and some person from the same background already got selected in round 1, then you may find it tougher to crack.

So, for very unique and niche background, the round of application may have some effect.



So, our verdicts are –

  1. There is no logical or factual correlation between round of application and admission chances.
  2. Your talent counts whether you apply in round 1 or round 2. Admissions committee is looking for bright candidates, not the round in which you are applying.
  3. Everyone has to compete with everyone else. You need to be among the best candidates to get selected. The round of application is just an administrative issue!
  4. There may be some exceptions for niche sector profiles.

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