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MBA Dilemmas of Core Sector professionals : Solved

The biggest dilemma of a “core sector” candidate for MBA admission is the lack of clarity on future roles. This coupled with their worries about making the admissions committee understand their work really makes them short in confidence. And this is a dangerous trap. Because such worries keep escalating.

It is unfortunate that in India the “core functions” of any business are treated as secondary while “support functions” of any business-like IT are given a higher value in MBA and post MBA world. This is due to the fact that India is a services heavy country and most of the income is generated by IT based services company in India. Since the income is coming from IT firms, they only are able to give hefty placement packages to students of premium MBA colleges. Thus, it is inevitable that majority of the good placement opportunities are provided by IT companies and the demand of even a mediocre IT professional is too high. That leads non-IT or the “core” professionals in a fix. The colleges also want their candidates to be “employable” after MBA and hence they also look for some transferable skills in the candidates which can be demonstrated to future recruiters.

Here are the typical problems faced by “core sector” professionals in MBA admissions and the possible solutions:



What is my post MBA option

You can read this article for the details

Will the admissions be able to completely understand my work

This is important. Your SOP and resume need to be tuned in the language that is understood by everyone. The technical words of the core sector work need to be replaced with the business terms. You can read this article for the details

Most of the MBA admission guidance available is generic and mostly for corporate employees

This is good news. But how? Every MBA class has around 30-40% core sector professionals. And most of the guidance is for IT/corporate professionals. This means large number of IT/Corporate professionals try to get through MBA and hence the guidance is mostly tailored to target them. That also means for 30-40% of MBA class, number of candidates competing is less. So, you have a very good chance of qualifying. And for the first time in this domain, PSUTOPRIVATE has started exclusive professional help for people from core sectors.

I am unaware of “big MBA” words

In fact, you should not use “big MBA” words. Your work must speak in the resume in a clear, simple and understandable language. People with character flaw and mediocre work hide behind MBA jargons.

Will I be able to fit in the class

Oh yes, completely! You will find so many batchmates of similar profile. And it will be good to make new friends from people with varied sectors. It will hardly take one or two weeks through the course that you will feel completely at ease.


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