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Career Options post MBA

This is the most sought after questions of all MBA aspirants from govt/PSU background. Lets answer this question in detail.

Typical Career options available after MBA for PSU/Govt professionals are as follows –

  1. Domain Consulting – there are two primary divisions in consulting – management consulting and domain consulting. Typically, for management consulting (which is general consulting across domains and verticals), the two year MBA passouts with lesser years of experience are preferred. But for PSU/govt employees, the domain consulting is one of the areas where their expertise in particular area can be used. You can be a supply chain expert, an oil and gas expert, an energy sector expert etc. For people from ONGC, IOCL, BPCL, NTPC etc this is a good area to get employed. The companies which recruit in this field are McKinsey Implementation, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, Shell, RPG etc.
  2. E-commerce and supply chain – This industry is on a boom now and it prefers people with operations background. Most of the PSU/govt professionals have operations background and they have the experience to handle large teams. These qualities can be leveraged in large scale operations oriented companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Dunzo etc
  3. Digital consulting – Digital space is different from normal consulting as this role is recognised in different avatars in various companies. This profession is in high demand in market. PSU/Govt employees with their process focussed work experience of various industries can easily switch to this field where process design and digital applications are a focus. Only important point to note is that the students need to do some self-study on digitalisation domain during MBA. Infact, at present maximum number of PSU/govt employees land in this field. The companies recruiting in this space are – Accenture, Genpact, Visionet, ITC Infotech, LnT Infotech, Infosys consulting etc.
  4. Government Consulting – Many big consulting companies have their separate government consulting wings. Eg KPMG, EY, Deloitte etc have separate vertical for consulting in government and public policy field. It is the easiest place for Govt/PSU professionals to get into. Due to lower pay packages compared to other choices, actual placement in this role is lower.
  5. General Management/Leadership – These are mid to senior level general management roles which are not domain/expertise specific but involve multiple responsibilities and handling big teams. Many companies look for experienced professionals to handle leadership positions. These companies range from IT firms to e-commerce to business conglomerates like TATA, Adani, Aditya Birla etc. But over the years, placement in such firms have seen a dip.
  6. Project management roles – Almost all companies across spectrum recruit people to carry out different projects. The multidimensional role exposure at PSU/Govt makes their employees a perfect candidate for project management roles.
  7. BFSI (banking, financial service and insurance) role – This is particularly applicable to PSU banks and PSU insurance companies employees. Companies like ICICI, Axis, HSBC regularly recruit candidates with banking and financial backgrounds.   

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