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IIMC MBAEx Optional Essay : The game changer

IIMC MBAEx application process for 2021 admissions has started. And the last date for round 1 application is 30th August.

The guidelines to fill the application form can be assessed here. And the sample application form can be downloaded here.

But, in this article, the focus is on the parts of application where it demands long written deliberations. There are three major write-ups required by the application process -


What is the importance of optional essay?

This is what the application guideline says, “You may use this optional essay to highlight anything else in support of your application. This can also be used to address anything unusual in your profile like poor academic performance in a specific semester/class or any gap in your work experience

The importance of the essay are –

  1. This is the point of difference of this application process. The SOP, work experience part will be almost the same as you have applied in the other colleges. So, what will push you ahead in this application process from the usual group of candidates with whom you are competing in other colleges? This will be that extra push that you require.
  2. This is specially required for Govt/PSU professionals if they have utilised study gap in their career to prepare for competitive exams.


What to write in the optional essay?

The optional essay should include the following –

  1. The fill-up part – Study/work-experience gap, some uncharacteristic academic under-performance and other unusual parts of your profile which can’t be explained through CV. This part need not portray you in bad light. This should be used as an opportunity to explain the valid reasons which might get overlooked under regular application screening. This fill-up will also help to address any prejudice regarding your unexplained parts of CV. Always put the real reason on this part, after all we are humans not super-women/men.
  2. The Bright-up part – If you have done something different which is neither a part of your work responsibility nor your career path, then this is the place to highlight that. You can give the details of your hobbies, sport activities in this space.
  3. The win-up part – At last, you can highlight the diversity that you can bring to the class in this essay. Highlight that unique thing which puts you apart even in the same domain. For example, even if you are from a PSU, why you among all others from same PSU? This essay can also be used to highlight the reason why you are particularly interested in IIMC.


PSU add ons-

PSU/Govt professionals need to give attention at following points –

  1. Optional essay is a good way to explain study gap if any.
  2. It is a good way to bring out your uniqueness and diversity.
  3. This essay can be utilised to negate the prejudices against PSU/govt professionals.

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