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IIM Ahmedabad PGPX

One of the top ranked one-year MBA programs in India, IIM Ahmedabad PGPX, is a very sought-after MBA program among mid-level managers in the country. The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, has been ranked 61st in the FT (Financial Times) Global MBA Ranking 2020 in its top 100 list of B-Schools, announced in January 2020. The ranking establishes that IIMA's PGPX continues to be a part of the distinguished group of global MBA programmes among the list of 100 global programs ranked by FT.

If you are a working professional in a PSU/Government job with more than 4 years of full-time work experience, this would be one of the best MBA programs for you. The degree shall equip you with all the necessary knowledge to achieve a wholesome growth in your career. You can take a sabbatical from your work to minimize risk and apply for the program as well. However, if you wish for faster growth in your career, you may look for transition to a private sector job post the program.

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX Application Process

This year IIM Ahmedabad will have three rounds of application windows.

The earliest acceptable GMAT/GRE test date for the three rounds are - Round 1: August 24, 2016 Round 2: October 5, 2016 Round 3: December 7, 2016
For this year as an exception GMAT/GRE taken at home is also valid for PGPX

How to apply?

You will have to register online and fill in your online application form before the end of the deadline. Use this link to go to the application page – (

Fill up the details on the registration page. It will require your email and you will need to generate a login password.

What you will need to fill up

After you have registered, you need to login to the application portal. You will be greeted with the “application instructions.” Please read these carefully before proceeding.

“Review the below-mentioned instructions to prepare yourself to apply for PGPX programme. We will appreciate your attention to ensure your application form is complete. Only completed application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. If you have questions after reviewing the below information, send an email to the PGPX Office at

  1. Your application can only be submitted online. It includes sections on personal information, educational background, employment history, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities and achievements etc.
  2. You may access the application portal as many times as you like before submitting your duly filled application.
  3. You need to upload all the relevant documents in support of your application where ever asked for.
  4. Your application will not be evaluated until you submit it.”

The application has been divided into General Information, Qualification, Employment, Achievements, Declaration and Final Submissions tabs.

General Information Tab

Here you will need to fill up the following details

  1. Registered Details – Pre filled up from your registration entries.
  2.  Mailing Address
  3. Permanent Address
  4. GMAT data Information

If you have not given the GMAT you can skip this section.

The scoresheet uploaded should be less than 2 MB

  1. Photo Upload

The file size should be less than 2 MB

The file format should be .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif.

There are three other sub sections that open if you move the cursor to the General Information Tab. Other details, GMAT Details & Language proficiency.

In other details you need to fill up if and how many times you have appeared for the PGPX personal Interview round before, Interview location preference, source of fee payment, alternate email and mobile number and your Aadhar number.

In GMAT details section fill up the relevant information related to your GMAT test.

In the language proficiency section, fill up the languages you know.

Qualifications Tab

Here you need to mention your academic details from your Bachelor’s degree onwards. If you hold any other professional degrees like CA/ICWA, you need to enter the details here. You will also need to upload relevant documents to support your degrees (file size less than 2 MB).

Employment Tab

In this tab you have two sub sections, Employment Experience & International Exposure.

In the employment experience section, you need to enter details about your current and previous job experiences. Specific requirement of a Letter of recommendation is not there but you do need to enter the name, designation and contact details of the person you reported to. This may be especially hard for Govt./PSU employees as your boss might not agree to recommend you in case they are called. It is important to talk to him/her beforehand or ask someone senior who could vouch for you and use their contacts.

You need to write two sections of 1000 characters (not words) each for “your responsibilities during your job” and “your achievements during your job.” It is important to note that these play a crucial role in you getting a call for an interview. IIM A does not ask for essays during the application. It asks for essays only from candidates who are called for an Interview. Thus, it is imperative that these two sections should be flawless and reflect your career and achievements in the best way possible.

You also need to upload relevant documents to support your claims (file size less than 2MB) and the joining letter or your latest pay slip to prove your experience.

If you have any International work experience, you can enter the details in the International exposure tab. Please note that seminars/workshops/conferences or business trips to foreign countries are not considered as international experience.

Achievements Tab

This tab has three sub sections. Awards & Prizes, Extracurricular Activities and Self/Career Improvement.

In the awards and prizes section you can fill in details of any awards, prizes, honours or scholarships you may have received. Upload relevant documents under 2MB size to support your claims. Add any relevant extracurricular experience in the extracurricular activities section supported by relevant documents. If you have undergone any specialized training or course you can enter the relevant details in the Self/Career Improvement section.

Declaration Tab

In the Declaration tab you countersign that the information provided by you is accurate. You need to upload a scanned copy of your signature (.jpg, .jpeg, .png format) and a scanned copy of your passport (pdf format).

After which you will go for final submission.

Post Submission

After the application window closes and candidates are selected for interview, last year they were required to submit two essays and the submission window was less than one month. We may expect something along the similar lines as far as essay submissions are concerned. Last year the two topics were “One day at your workplace” and “why you wish to pursue an MBA.”

We hope you have found the information to be useful and it would help you during the application for IIM Ahmedabad PGPX. If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

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